Writing Right – Graphology

It was an eye opener taking a course in handwriting analysis and learning that it is not the hand that writes but the brain. Studying with Dr. Mike Mandel is always an amazing experience. According to him, the writing never lies!

I have been practicing my new skills and, people are surprised how accurate the analysis has been for them. I’ve made a few changes to my writing to add traits like creativity and willpower.

It is interesting to learn from a person’s writing whether they are optimistic or pessimistic, whether the person has a temper, is impulsive or in fact the opposite is true.

Graphology would sure come in handy when looking for a business partner or when selecting a babysitter. Something to consider the next time you want to bring in a new person into your life.

Graphotherapy is the ultimate self-therapy says Dr. Mike Mandel so I shall continue to improve my handwriting!


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