Anchors Aweigh

Anchoring can be used in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis to trigger a positive emotional state. If you establish a trigger successfully, you can reproduce that emotion later.

Have you ever wondered why certain smells bring you back to a time in your past or remind you of a person or an event? This can be either a positive memory or a negative one.

The easiest and quickest way to deliberately anchor positive emotional states is, in hypnosis. Relax, breathe deeply and recall an activity that you enjoy. Really get into that moment, feel the feelings of being in that activity, feel the joy. As you are experiencing that joyful feeling, anchor it by touching your thumb and ring finger together. Add to it other happy memories and continue to anchor the feelings.

You can keep anchoring each time you experience a happy feeling and you will notice that in challenging time, when you bring your thumb and ring finger together, you immediately get that positive feeling that you anchored earlier.

Give it a shot and see how it works for you.






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