Seventeen – just a number?

For the longest time, I would avoid doing anything important on the 17th of a month. My youngest sister, Anita (Baby as we called her) died on the 17th when she was just 15 years old, my Dad too passed away on the 17th, so it probably isn’t hard to understand that I may have had some issues with the number 17.

When Louie and I were getting married, I insisted that we get married on the 16th (Friday) instead of the 17th because of my fear of something bad happening if we were married on the 17th. I avoided doing many things on the 17th and avoided the number 17 whenever I could. The number 17 was to me what the number 13 is to many people, unlucky.

Then suddenly one day, it may have been around the time my daughter, Bianca was born, I decided that the number 17 was going to be lucky for me. I didn’t want her to be influenced by superstitions which could potentially stop her from living her best life. Not only was 17 going to be lucky but anything that was generally thought to be unlucky, would be lucky for me and her. All those old superstitions that held me back at times, now worked in my favour!

By switching from unlucky to lucky, my life changed forever! Good things started to happen to me and when I added gratitude to this, my life became even better. I became more positive and more happier. I think I am now the luckiest person on earth and, as I learn and grow each day, I realize that perception really is everything. So if you think 17 is unlucky or lucky, it is.

Whatever your unlucky, you have the ability to change it to lucky, all you need to do is decide to change your perception of the thing. Reality really is just perception. Give it a try.


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