What you seek is seeking you – Rumi

Focus on something, whether it’s a particular word, thing, person or topic and you’ll find that you’ll see it or something relating to it everywhere and this has always been the case, way before Google or Facebook feeds!

I remember many times I would wish that I wouldn’t run into a particular person and undoubtedly, that would be the one person I’d run into. Ever shopped for a camera or a car and you notice it everywhere, on billboards, in magazines, overhear people talking about it?

The Reticular Activating System or the RAS gets activated every time you focus on something intently. The RAS is the attention center in the brain and t takes instructions from your conscious mind and passes them on to your subconscious.

It took me many years to finally understand and consciously make a decision to focus on the things that I wanted for my life instead of worrying and not expecting the best outcome, just in case I was disappointed.

As soon as I changed my focus and started writing down daily, the things that I was grateful for and focusing on positive thoughts, I noticed that I began to receive more of what I was grateful for. It was so simple! The more that I focused on the things that I wanted, the more I got of it.

Your mind and thoughts are so powerful and many books have been written about them but until you are ready and open to receiving the message, you will not even notice it and simple yet powerful messages will be just words on a page.

Once you open your heart and train your mind to focus on the positive, you will notice simple but powerful messages everywhere.

What you seek will be seeking you.



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