Unconsciously Conscious

From the moment we’re born everyone is hypnotizing us. We are all, to some degree, in a trance. Our clients think we’re putting them to sleep, but our ultimate goal is the opposite. We’re trying to wake them up –  from the book, The Hypnotist’s Love Story

Think of your unconscious mind as your friend and protector. It is there to protect you from harm. It runs millions of processes every day including your bodily functions, without you consciously noticing it. Whether you’re breathing, walking, talking, sleeping, you’re not consciously thinking of it as you’re doing it, your unconscious mind is working behind the scenes, running the programs that was installed years and years ago.

As you learnt to walk and talk, you installed that program because you kept practicing and finally it became something that you did unconsciously. At other times in your life there may have been traumatic events which were installed instantly. It could be something that happened in an instant when you were little and if you look back at it now, it would probably not be traumatic. Phobias and traumas that were installed instantaneously, can be wiped out instantly through hypnosis.

Although the conscious mind directs the unconscious mind, the unconscious mind is always looking out for you. It doesn’t understand negatives so whatever you focus on, it will do its best to bring it to you. Any changes that you want to make, you can install by repeating the program, and over time, it will become a new habit.

Be aware of your thoughts and words because your unconscious mind is always listening. Think, speak and dream of the things you want, not what you don’t want. Trust your unconscious mind to do what you ask it to do, just be careful of the program you are running in the background.


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